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Meditating in Nature

Why Meditate and How in Nature January 2019

Meditation is known to lower stress hormones in the blood stream leading to less anxiety; improves focus and concentration; help with problem solving; low instances of depression when it improves self-acceptance and emotional stability. In addition to being an awesome place to hangout and overnight; Glamping at The Reeds on the Rio, in one of our Lotus Belle tents, is great for meditating in. Meditation has been proven, by “modern medicine,” to help move brain activity to different parts of the cortex... creating a calmer and more joyful outlook.

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Lotus Bell front door

Glamping on the Border

Unique Oasis on the Rio Grande January 2019

Despite what many hear and read on main stream media; living on the Texas boarder is quiet, peaceful and inspirational. Here are some of the things we have experienced on our journey.

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Just my Journey

So glad to Be a Free Light Being experiencing an Earthly Journey! I share this blogging content to inspire others to Be Hue-man and embrace Nature, NTR.

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