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Ways to Wellness

Free Spirit - Safe Mind - Clean Enviornment

Way1: Free the Spirit

A free spirit involves identity agency that can be attained by acknowledging huemans belong in nature.

Nature is full of diverse sets of species. And the more we huemans connect with nature; the better we innerStand ourselves.

For some, nature creates a cultural connection. Since spirit can be uplifted by culture; connecting to nature can be an immensely elevating experience within culture to free the spirit.

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Way2: Safe Mind

YES! Mental Healthg Matters!

The world if full of chaos for most of us in the USA. Finding a peaceful place in nature can definitely contribute to healing of the mental faculties. Many are trying to get to rest and relaxation by moving from one noisy environment to another (amusement parks, hotels, crowded beaches). But really getting into nature is to go where vehicles rarely can access.

A hike into a primitive spot where there are no chem-trails; roadways or fancy accommodations can sometimes trigger the brain to slow down processing the fight-or-flight instincts… and let the mind take a break from the busy environment that has become normalcy.

A healthy mind that can Connect2Nature every once in awhile finds safety for wellness.

Way3: Clean Environment

A true personal Connect2Nature experience includes experiencing clean air, water and food. Clean air is so important; many of us have begun to take it for granted. Our lungs deserve it. And quality of oxygenated blood flowing through our veins will help determine our wellness.

Clean water is second to clean air. With out clean water; the body greatly deteriorates. Truth not being told; many illnesses including cancer are the result of poor quality, acidic water.

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Considering how over 50% of the hueman bio-body is water… with some of the major organs being over 70% water-based… we are definitely one of nature’s water-babies!

So clean pH balanced water is a big part of wellness. Getting out and connecting to nature sometimes means exposing yourself to clean water. Whether it be fresh water or sea water.

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And thirdly, there is clean food to make up the personal clean environment.

Unless you claim to be a synthetic human; synthetic food won’t do for wellness.

Clean food consists of nutrients just as much alive as you are. Clean food almost always means there are seeds with the product you are eating. Stuff made from human engineered ingredients and/or stored with un-natural preservatives can’t really be considered “hueman food.” But you Connect2Nature every time you eat an organic fruit or vegetable.

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